50 Greatest Electronic/Dance Artists (1-25)

For the purposes of this list, "Electronic/Dance" is considered to be a genre of popular music spanning an array of styles including but not limited to: Electronic, Industrial, Italo Disco, Hi-NRG, Synth Pop, Dance-Pop, Ambient, Electro, Techno, Freestyle, House, Acid Jazz, Miami Bass, Trip-Hop, Trance, Hardcore, and Jungle/Drum'n'bass. Some would refer to this genre as "Electronica," though others dismiss this term.
N Artist
1 Kraftwerk
2 Yellow Magic Orchestra
3 Tangerine Dream
4 Brian Eno
5 New Order
6 Depeche Mode
7 Jean Michel Jarre
8 Aphex Twin
9 Juan Atkins/Cybotron
10 Daft Punk
11 Giorgio Moroder
12 Afrika Bambaataa
13 Massive Attack
14 Larry Heard / Fingers Inc.
15 Madonna
16 The Prodigy
17 Klaus Schulze
18 Moby
19 The Chemical Brothers
20 Nine Inch Nails
21 The Orb
22 Leftfield
23 Wendy Carlos
24 The KLF
25 Orbital

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