50 Greatest Electronic/Dance Artists (26-50)

For the purposes of this list, "Electronic/Dance" is considered to be a genre of popular music spanning an array of styles including but not limited to: Electronic, Industrial, Italo Disco, Hi-NRG, Synth Pop, Dance-Pop, Ambient, Electro, Techno, Freestyle, House, Acid Jazz, Miami Bass, Trip-Hop, Trance, Hardcore, and Jungle/Drum'n'bass. Some would refer to this genre as "Electronica," though others dismiss this term.
N Artist
26 Gary Numan
27 Underworld
28 Paul van Dyk
29 Frankie Knuckles
30 Vangelis
31 Goldie
32 Kevin Saunderson
33 Cabaret Voltaire
34 Portishead
35 Autechre
36 Todd Terry
37 Pet Shop Boys
38 Derrick May
39 Paul Oakenfold
40 Cluster
41 Bjork
42 Masters at Work
43 The Human League
44 Richie Hawtin
45 Suicide
46 Tricky
47 Fatboy Slim
48 Can
49 Marshall Jefferson
50 DJ Shadow

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