Greatest Punk

50 Greatest Punk Albums (26-50)

These placings were based on Lyrical and Musical quality, Influence on punk, and help to the Movement.
N Album Artist
26 Inflamable Material Stiff Little Fingers
27 Dookie Green Day
28 Plastic Surgery Disaters Dead Kennedys
29 Feeding the 5000 Crass
30 New Day Rising Husker Du
31 Suffer Bad Religion
32 Entertainment Gang of Four
33 MIA Germs
34 Static Age The Misfits
35 Repeater Fugazi
36 Give 'em Enough Rope The Clash
37 Blank Generation Richard Hell
38 Young Loud and Snotty Dead Boys
39 Milo Goes to College The Descendents
40 A Collection of Pop Classics Reagan Youth
41 Energy Operation Ivy
42 Start Today Gorilla Biscuits
43 Punk's Not Dead The Exploited
44 ...and Out Comes the Wolves Rancid
45 Embrace Embrace
46 Relationship of Command At the Drive In
47 Punk in Drublic NOFX
48 Adolescents The Adolescents
49 Hear Nothing, See Nothing, Say Nothing Discharge
50 Songs of the Praise The Adicts

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